Max Orville

European Parliament Group : Renew Europe Group

National Party : Mouvement Démocrate

Legislative mandate : 9th European legislature : 2019-2024

Status : Substitute

Grade : 15/20 How was this grade calculated?

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Vote that protects Nature good vote

Vote that harms Nature bad vote

No vote or abstention absent

Resolution “momentum for the ocean: strengthening ocean governance and biodiversity”

In February 2022, while France presided over the European Council, French President Emmanuel Macron held the ‘One Ocean Summit’ in Brest. In the aftermath of this summit, this resolution1 sought to define the European Parliament’s roadmap for ocean governance and biodiversity protection. Among other things, the resolution stressed that the European Parliament “calls for the EU to stand as a leader in protecting the ocean”, “supports an international moratorium on deep seabed mining” and “expresses disappointment at the fact that the Treaty of the High Seas was ultimately not adopted at the Fifth Intergovernmental Conference”.

Deep-sea fishing

DATE : 10/06/2022

TEXT : Resolution “momentum for the ocean: strengthening ocean governance and biodiversity”

good vote

Amendment 4:
This amendment from the EPP sought to suspend the European Regulation 2022/1614 which determined the existing deep-sea fishing areas and established a list of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems that needed to be protected.
Rejecting this amendment protects Nature.
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Moratorium on deep seabed mining

DATE : 10/06/2022

TEXT : Resolution “momentum for the ocean: strengthening ocean governance and biodiversity”

good vote

Recital 6:
The Parliament "reiterates its call on the Commission and Member States to support an international moratorium on deep seabed mining".
Adopting this recital protects Nature.
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Resolution to object to the delegated act on EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy aims to promote economic activities considered sustainable by making it easier for EU Member States to grant subsidies, or for the European Investment Bank to grant loans. The gas and nuclear industry intensely lobbied EU institutions for inclusion in the EU Taxonomy. The MEPs who refused this inclusion tabled a resolution to oppose the Commission’s delegated act2.

Promote economic activities considered sustainable

DATE : 07/06/2022

TEXT : Resolution to object the delegated act on EU Taxonomy

bad vote

Final vote on the motion for the resolution:
NGOs advocated to oppose the European Commission's decision to consider fossil gas and nuclear power as "transitional" energies in the EU Taxonomy.
France's Climate Action Network explained that "by leaving the door open to the inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear power, the Commission risks undermining the credibility of this tool and turning it into a greenwashing tool for polluting industries."
Adopting this motion protects Nature.
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Resolution: Human Rights Violations in Uganda and Tanzania Related to Investments in Fossil Energy Projects

On 15th September 2022, the European Parliament adopted an emergency resolution calling for TotalEnergies to account for the human rights violations and environmental harm underway in Uganda and Tanzania within the framework of the EACOP project, which includes the drilling of more than 400 wells, and the construction of a 1,443-kilometre-long pipeline. In this context, an amendment sought to reiterate the European Parliament’s support for a European legislation and international treaty on business and human rights.

Ambitious directive on corporate accountability

DATE : 09/15/2022

TEXT : Resolution: Human Rights Violations

good vote

Recital 5:
This recital is a “call for a strong and ambitious directive on mandatory corporate due diligence and an ambitious legally binding international instrument to cope with human rights, environment and climate obligations”.
NGOs call on the EU to adopt an ambitious European legislation and UN Treaty to make sure businesses respect human rights and the environment.
Adopting this amendment protects Nature.
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